Who we are

A glimpse into the unique origins and experience that underlie T-Lab.

We meticulously engineer, manufacture and finish every T-Lab frame out of our headquarters in Montreal, Québec. Our home is a place like no other: the most European city in North America, – one filled with old world heritage – Montreal also happens to represent one of the globe’s leading hubs for aerospace technology and manufacturing. Situated in a province that is buried in snow up to six months a year, but that has hosted two out of the three UCI World Tour events on the continent. A place with arguably the worst roads in Canada, that actually was named the best major city for cycling in North America.

It's in this unlikely bastion of biking that, once upon a time, a young engineering student and cycling aficionado set out to make a better bike out of metal. He did things differently by combining aeronautics-inspired methods with the attention-to-detail he inherited from his Italian ancestors. Thousands upon thousands of world-class frames later, he and his team have embarked on a new mission: to take the everlasting ride quality of titanium and bring it to the next level of performance.

To redefine what’s possible with titanium, our engineering and design team is urged to innovate at all levels. Starting with the development of proprietary, precision forming techniques that allow us to radically shape the most noble of bike-building metals without compromising its inherent properties. Given that capability, we can create something truly remarkable: shapely Ti bike frames that deliver composite-inspired performance characteristics and everlasting durability, all while turning heads along the way. From there, no part of the frame is overlooked in our continuing quest to build next generation titanium bicycles.

Montreal Street Sign