Customer Testimonials

I put 100 miles on my new bike in the first weekend with it and found it to be even better than my very high expectations. Perfection isn't a word to be used lightly, but that may well be what I'm now riding! Very impressed! Please thank the rest of your team for me.

- Will Thrift (Winnipeg, MB)

Took the bike out for its first test ride this past weekend, roughly 35 miles on a gravel rail trail. The bike is absolutely beautiful to look at and the ride is super smooth and responsive. It felt almost as smooth on gravel as my road bike feels on asphalt, and I PR'ed just about every Strava segment on the rail trail that I crossed even though I wasn't pushing it with high intensity at all.

- Steven Brown (Montpellier, VT)

What a pleasure to ride… comfortable, responsive, a real Swiss Army knife!!!! I'm starting to make people jealous.

- Fabrice Durand (Biarritz, France)

I took my X3 out for the first ride today and what an outstanding experience! The bike handles amazing, and is extremely comfortable. Thank you to the entire team for the personal experience! I found my forever bike.

- Adam Razumienko (Gloucester, ON)

I just wanted to let you know that I love my R3 Omni! Every time I come in from a ride, I tell my wife “I can’t believe I have a bike this good!”

Over the last few months, I’ve been on it 4 or 5 days a week. Firstly, the sizing is absolutely perfect. It couldn’t be better if it was custom made. I guess I’m just lucky that I’m exactly built for T-Lab standard geometry. It’s really fantastic.

On longer rides where I’m cruising along or when I’m doing interval rides and giving it the beans, it just feels great - responsive, stable, fluid.

There’s also an aesthetic element. It’s just beautiful. I had it delivered to the embassy, and half of the staff came to look at it in my office. The carbon bike is now relegated to the trainer. I can’t imagine buying a carbon bike again after experiencing Ti. Just amazing.

So, thanks for your help and advice in getting this bike. I’m looking forward to many years of cycling happiness on my R3 Omni.

- Jamieson Weetman (Berlin, Germany)

Just want to let you all know I got the bike and did a group road ride July 4th. Bike is awesome! Great job, Grazie!!

- Jeff Macchina (Pennington, NJ)

Jean and I rode in the Paris to Ancaster (P2A) Gravel Road Race on Sunday in the worst possible conditions, heavy rain, cold and mud, lots of mud. The mud was thick deep and slimy. Jean and I were extremely impressed with the bikes’ quick responsiveness, stability, comfort and over all handling of the bikes under such adverse conditions.

- Randy Barre (Belleville, ON)

Just wanted to let you know that the T-Lab rides like a dream. Couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you so much! It flies on the road, climbs brilliantly in and out of the saddle, and floats over the bumps. Love how it feels super stiff on the pedals but not on the saddle.

- Aaron Coble (Albany, NY)

I am writing to express my utmost gratitude for the extraordinary R3 OMNI bike that I got on Saturday. This masterpiece of engineering has completely captivated my heart, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

First and foremost, I must emphasize how much I love this bike. From the moment I laid eyes on it, I was enamored by its sleek design. However, it was the moment I took my first ride that I truly fell in love. The R3 OMNI offers an unparalleled experience, perfectly blending speed, precision, and comfort into one extraordinary ride.

One of the standout qualities of this remarkable machine is its remarkable lightness. Its lightweight construction not only enhances its agility on the road but also provides a sense of exhilaration as I navigate through the Canal Lachine. Riding the R3 OMNI feels like effortlessly gliding on air, adding a new dimension of joy to my cycling adventures.

Furthermore, I am amazed by the bike's responsiveness. It reacts instantaneously to every command, giving me the confidence to push my limits and explore new horizons. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and top-notch craftsmanship truly shines through in every aspect of its performance. Riding the R3 OMNI has elevated my cycling experience to unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity in providing me with this remarkable bike. It is a testament to your unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for crafting exceptional cycling frames. Thank you for creating a product that has exceeded all my expectations and brought immeasurable joy to my life.

- Michio Hirai (Montreal, QC)

I’ve finally built my X3 and gone on a few rides. I have to compliment your team on the geometry and construction. It handles beautifully at all speeds whether climbing or descending, and better than my existing road and gravel bikes. A bike that does everything, and with style too. Kudos to the team!

- Dan Lau (Issaquah, WA)

Just thought I would drop you a line and say again how much I’m loving this second season on my X3. The Campy gruppo (EKAR 1x13 w/ Shamal wheels) is proving to be a perfect fit for my riding and the Ti ride is great.

- Gord Preece (Frankford, ON)

“Hands down the most comfortable ride in my 24+ years of cycling, the feel of the frame in cornering, descending, on gravel…it’s just so comfortable and responsive.
I am over the top happy!!!”

- Jill Morgan (Norristown, PA)

Bike race yesterday in Victoriaville with my T-Lab. 2000 m elevation gain, steep hills, fast descent. Won the bronze medal and the bike felt awesome.

- Alizée Brien (Montreal, QC)

It's stiffer under power than I thought it was going to be but still has that Ti ride quality. Very nice.

- Jon Grannis (San Francisco, CA)

After one year and over 5000 miles, I am ready to comment on the custom T-Lab X3 gravel bike of which I am the proud owner. I could not be more pleased with the titanium frame design, materials, and workmanship. Aesthetically, the appearance is classic and the engineering will ensure that it outlasts me. As expected, the titanium performs the double duty of providing strength and comfort, and the build is well-suited to the rough chip-and-seal and

gravel roads of the Midwest U.S. The finish is immaculate with the added bonus of an easy cleanup after a muddy ride.

As for the ride experience, I have found that the X3 excels in the areas of comfort, stability, durability, and speed. Although I was concerned that it would be hard to replace a surprisingly comfortable road bike (2006 Jamis Eclipse) that I had ridden for 14 years and over 30,000 miles, once I installed a new seat and finally got it adjusted (height, angle, fore/aft) the X3 is definitely more comfortable in many ways probably owing mostly to the dampening and flex of the titanium along with the gravel geometry of the frame. I no longer experience numbness in my hands or seat area and do not suffer from the fatiguing vibrations of road chatter or the reverberations from bone jarring impacts of cracks and ruts.

The comfort level of the bike comes without any sacrifice of stability, and some of the factors that improve the ride probably contribute to keeping the tires securely on the ground. With no crash survivals or falls to report, I infer that the bike is inherently stable. I am also not a risk taker at this point in life, but I have probably ridden intentionally this year on ten times more miles of gravel and rough roads than I have in the past 14 years. I can now explore places that I would have actively avoided in the past. I no longer cringe when I hear stones striking tubes, and I don’t mind the muddy spray that easily washes away. Maybe my grandson riding this bike 50 years from now will have more to say on the topic.

- David Bergandine (Paxton, IL)

I’ll never buy another carbon fibre bike.

- Brent Wilson (Port Hope, Ontario)

My favorite bike ever was a Merckx TSC. This T-Lab is incredibly more comfortable.

- Dan Ryan (NYC)

I just wanted to drop you an email after a few weeks of being out on the R3 Omni and thank you for delivering a wonderful unique bike. When the bike arrived it was clear straight away to me of the high quality of the build and finish which I must say really exceeded my expectations. There is always a risk when buying a bike over the internet and just going on reviews, but I can clearly see the work that has gone into the design and build and the attention to detail. I have done a number of rides over the past few weeks and really have enjoyed riding the bike and can appreciate the merits of a titanium frame. I look forward to many km’s over the coming years both on and off-road.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you all, and given the circumstances and challenges of the past year, I have come to admire your determination and how you managed to deliver what you promised. I can only speak highly of the service you gave and will have no hesitation in recommending you and your bikes to others in the future.

- Michael Mould (Dubai, UAE)

What an amazing ride this bike is!!! While super stiff, it remains smooth and precise and makes for rides that are now only limited by my schedule and the endurance of my back end! I had never ridden with tires wider than 25. What a difference those make! Very noticeably in corners at higher speeds or on loose terrain - I am not going back!!!

- Philippe Gauthier (Montreal, QC)

You’ve really dialied it in on this bike. I’ve got a few hundred miles on it and it’s just a rocket ship! Climbs like crazy and the handling on descents is razor sharp. It’s comfy and stable, but racey and quick as hell when you want it. You’ve also managed to make it elegant looking with the thin seat stays and tubing shapes, it gets comments everywhere I go. I’ve been doing this a long time and it is amongst the finest bicycles I’ve ever ridden. I think it’s perfect.

- Michael McTigue (Beaverton, OR)

What a pleasure! Great feel. So responsive when you push it.

- Sabine Verzier (Paris, France)

On the hills it was responsive and snappy out of the saddle, and the handling on the flowy turns felt solid. The top impression the X3 demonstrates though is the smooth ride and compliance it gives over the rumble and bumps. Your one of a kind frame design lives up to your claims that led me to deciding on a T-Lab X3.

- Scott Dayberry (Denver, CO)

I picked up my x3 from T-Lab a year ago this past week. It has exceeded all my expectations - from fun-to-ride, to versatility and durability. Best bike I’ve ever owned.

- Pat Ford (Toronto, ON)

It's been just over two years since I placed an order for an X3. By nature, I'm not a big risk taker, so it was an effort for me to place an international order to a small, relatively new company for a bicycle unseen and unridden. But I was taken by the appearance of the bike, especially the shapely top tube, which reminded me of the interesting, handmade Italian brand Titici. I was also persuaded by a glowing review from JOM of Gravel Cyclist (also living in Gainesville and someone I've talked to a few times at a local bike shop, including discussion of T-Lab). Finally, there was a comment by Bicycling on the R3 that this was a titanium bicycle for people who appreciated carbon bicycles, and I was riding a Cervelo R3. I certainly enjoyed the R3 and liked its appearance, but kept looking at the unpaved roads I encountered and wanting to explore. I was sold.

The X3 has exceeded my expectations. I've put more than 9000 miles on mostly weekend bicycling and look forward to every day I can ride. I ordered 35 mm tires but have gradually moved up to 40mm tires and do a good part of my riding on the unpaved roads that were once off limits to me.

On Instagram, I have followed many custom frame makers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. There are so many beautiful bicycles out there from very talented and dedicated individuals, but the X3 compares favorably to any of them, and almost always at a better price.

I have watched your website and offerings mature and expand. The website is visually appealing (although I miss some of the bicycle pictures showing the different finishes) and you have enhanced your customization options nicely. Sometimes I think it would be nice to give you more business and therefore interact with you again, but I really don't have anything substantial to change on my X3.

- Eric Sobel (Gainesville, FL)

We love the bikes. The R3's are one of those bikes that feels better and better the faster you go! To answer the question posed in the title "What's better than a T-Lab R3?"

Answer: Two T-Lab R3's!

- Mary and George Kruk (Burlington, ON)

Thanks for the amazing bike! I was able to take it for a 90km spin this weekend on gravel and country roads near Wisemans Ferry NSW. It was great! Thanks again, and the X3 was totally worth the wait!

Nic Rasmussen (Sydney, Australia)

I have never been completely confident that I could bring a road bike to Salt Spring Island . . . until now! My new T-Lab Omni 3 performed like a champ. That nasty hill coming out of Ganges- did it! Thanks to everyone at T-Lab

- John Buist (Surrey, BC)

The bike is amazing, but you know that already!”

- Helga Junold (New York, NY)

The fine folks at my local bike shop finally delivered a beautiful custom titanium gravel bike last week. I have been too busy riding it every day to put all my thoughts on paper--I have a million words to share, but suffice to say I feel like the happiest guy in the world. The ride quality and solid performance of this incredible frame have surpassed all expectations. I hope to post more complete thoughts over the summer while I ride and explore roads that previously seemed unpassable but now feel like velvet-covered tarmac. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service! Everything about this bike is absolutely perfect.

- Daniel Straus (Toronto, ON)

Got the bike yesterday but didn't get out for a first real ride until this morning. I absolutely love it! It was definitely worth the delay. The only problem now will be keeping me off it. The wife and kids may not see me a lot. Thanks very much!

- Grant Russouw (Kelowna, BC)

Impressed with the bike. Super clean finish and welds, nice and still, compliant where it counts. You all have done something cool.

- Will Teal (Seattle, WA)

After getting the X3 I have a hard time staying off of it. It has met my expectations in every way and I have road toured it, commuted it every day and about to put some 45 Riddlers on it for some real gravel racing. So, thanks again for the process, it is a fantastic, lifetime machine.

- Ben Harapat (North Vancouver, BC)

Went for my first ride this morning.Two hours. 90% gravel. My expectations have been exceeded. The bike is much faster than I anticipated.
There is a subtlety to the ride that is missing from my carbon bike. Paul, thanks to you, the bike fits just about perfect. I don’t think I would change a thing.

- Michael Szorenyi (Tillsonburg, ON)

Out of the saddle climbing is good, no flex like my Litespeed’s. I’m never going to buy a traditional road bike after today.

- Jim Wambaugh (Kingwood, TX)

Took the T-Lab R3 out for a spin today for the first time. I only road 45 clicks, but that was the most amazing ride feel I have ever had on a bike. It was responsive, alive, stiff, and the fit worked very well. Thanks for building a bike that works well for me...best investment I've made in cycling.

- Marshall Gunter (Montreal, QC)

The bike is simply fantastic!!! Everyone should be riding your gravel machines.

- Derek Cooper (Kingston, ON)

OMG, this bike!! It’s not like any bike I’ve ever ridden, and you totally nailed the fit. Your attention to detail and love for your craft really shines through.

- Barb Weisman (Windsor, CA)

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the exceptional bike set that you made for me last summer. It feels absolutely perfect. I will be singing the praises of T-Lab for a very long time.

- Kevin Zack (Delta, BC)

What a bike. So light!

Raphael Falco (New York, NY)

Wow! What can I say…I like absolutely everything about it. Comfort, perfect fit, just the right stiffness. What a machine.

- Yves Ferland (Montreal, QC)

Thank you for providing this wonderful frame! it is a great joy to ride and I've already spent several hours in the saddle. Several people started talking to me about the bike!

- Bernhard A. (Voels, Austria)

Bike rolled in yesterday. Put it together last night and got out for a mid-day ride today. It’s a fantastic machine. You guys should be proud.

- Ken MacDonald (Toronto, ON)

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with my new T-Lab X3. The ride feels amazing and your craftmanship is beautiful! The bike fits so well, responds quickly, and is generally awesome!

- Tony Kalf (Delta, BC)

The X3 is really sweet. Very solid and responsive frame, tracks beautifully.

- Bob Steimle (Salida, CO)

My bike has been flawless…a real dream to ride. Excellent attention to detail and I hit the road with NO issues. I love the feel, and I am so comfortable.

- Devon Pinchak (Chilliwack, BC)

I love my X3! It is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, and goes downhill wonderfully.

- Arnie Lichten (Easton, PA)

The bike handles beautifully and inspires confidence.

- Peter Van Erve (Ottawa, ON)

On just the second day of riding my T-Lab R3, I hit my personal record of a straight 1.2km sprint where I have ridden more than 200 times.

- Kentaro Nagata (Kyoto, Japan)

One word: SICK. Impossibly quick bike that’s just looking to go faster.

- Louis Fortin (Montreal, QC)

Just completed a ride from Seattle to San Diego. I have loved my X3 the entire 1800 miles. No creaks, no problems and best of all it’s such a comfortable ride.

- Brian Thompson (North Fremantle, Australia)

Out of the saddle, sprints were smooth and the bike was very quiet under me, shifts quick and precise. Hugely impressed.

-Tim Dyrgas (Calgary, AB)

There’s a direct and immediate connection between my effort and the road, more so than any other bike I’ve ridden.

- Peter McMahon (Boerne, TX)

I am very happy with it. The fit is pretty much perfect. The bike rides like a dream — much like Columbus steel, but even more lively. It accelerates quickly even with marginally longer chain stays than the race version. Beautiful finish on the frame. It will be my go-to ride for many years.

- Paul Saturley (Victoria, BC)