How to Buy

We make bikes to order based on cyclist specifications. Wherever you're coming from, getting your very own T-Lab is easy:

via T-Lab iD Fit / Service Partner

(Where available)
Delivered through
T-Lab iD Fit / Service Partner


  1. 1. Build your T-Lab online
  2. 2. Your order is confirmed
  3. 3. 50% deposit required to activate order
  4. 4. T-Lab technician follows-up with you to confirm proper sizing / specs
  5. 5. Your order enters our production queue
Delivered to your door, ready-to-ride
6-8 week turnaround time*
*Typical turnaround for frame set production, once order is approved. Complete bike orders may take longer, depending on availability of components.
30-Day Return Policy
If there is an issue with your T-Lab, we’ll take it back and make it right.


T-Lab bikes are available for sale through retailers in select North American markets or directly on our website.

Given our existing order book, the lead time is typically 6-8 weeks for us to make to order and deliver a ready-to-ride T-Lab.  We welcome the opportunity to build one just for you.

Our complete bike orders are shipped ready-to-ride, with minor reassembly of the wheels and handlebars required. We have successfully built made-to-order bikes for cyclists all over the world and have shipped them directly to them.

We take a 50% deposit to activate an order. The balance shipment is due upon completion of the order, to trigger shipping.

Our website provides a listing of standard sizes, which includes a general height reference, on each model page. These “signature” sizes are based on experience and several hundred successful bike fittings done over the years. In addition, one of our fit specialists reviews and confirms every order for proper sizing before we start cutting tube sets.

We back every T-Lab frameset with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (see warranty). For complete bike orders, components carry the original warranty (usually of one year) of their respective manufacturers. In addition, if there is any issue with your T-Lab order, you have 30 days to return it in order to allow us to make necessary corrections or provide a refund.

Every single T-Lab frame is entirely made -- shaped, cut, welded and finished -- in our manufacturing facility in Montreal, Québec. Complete bike orders are also built-up in our facility by seasoned mechanics.