Titanium Road Bikes - A Better Choice for Canada

Titanium bikes have always been appreciated by bike connoisseurs. The most noble of metals is renowned for producing bike frames of exceptional ride quality and longevity. That said, Ti’s reputation for being expensive has resulted in the average cyclist admiring it from afar. We’ll address the actual cost over time of a titanium road bicycle further along. For now, here are some reasons why many consider titanium to be the ideal material to make a bike frame:

Titanium is strong

Titanium (Ti) has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal:“It is the ratio between its great strength and low density that allows titanium to stand out [when making bike frames].”(VÉLO MAG)

Titanium is exceptional to ride

The inherent resiliency of Ti results in bikes that absorb road vibrations really well and are comfortable to ride over the long-haul. Progressive titanium frame designs counterbalance this ‘compliance’ with advanced lateral and torsional stiffness, leading to bikes that are as responsive as carbon fibre equivalents.

Titanium is versatile

A better titanium frame is typically made-to-order to your specifications. That means that there is no compromise with regards to fit / sizing. Furthermore, because you can integrate as many accessory mounts as you like in a Ti bike frame without negatively affecting its structural integrity, a titanium bike is the ideal machine for bike packing and other adventure riding.

Titanium is durable

Titanium is by far the most impact-resistant bike frame material and, when welded by experts, is built to last a lifetime. What’s more, titanium bikes don’t fatigue over time and are corrosion-proof. That makes them an ideal riding partner for Canadian cyclists: tough, weatherproof in any climate and environmentally sustainable.

A titanium bike is not cheap, but no more expensive than a high-quality carbon equivalent. When all the aforementioned material advantages of Ti are considered, – particularly if you are the type of cyclist that likes to keep their bikes a long time – opting for a modern titanium bike is the most cost-efficient and responsible choice you can make.